Choosing Axon

With a handful of great motor companies in today’s marketplace, how do you choose the right one for your project? Unfortunately, depending on the scope and budget of your project, some of these great motor companies may not choose you! What steps you take next could be the difference between money well spent and just money spent.

Axon was formed so that we can help you! We have a passion for collaborating with companies to deliver the electric motor or generator your project needs. We do this by starting with an employee-focused philosophy because we know happy, satisfied employees are the first step to happy, satisfied customers.

Adam Luell founded Axon in January of 2018 after recognizing that a niche market was not being served effectively. This recognition and the desire to build a better business that valued its employees drove Adam to leave his job and start a new journey. But he was not alone in his mission.

Assistance came from many fronts and in multiple forms.  Some assistance was in the form of informal support from fellow military compatriots, friends & family, and the support of a newly found entrepreneurial community.  There was also more formal assistance that proved invaluable, specifically the following programs facilitated by Hillsborough Community College:

·         Veterans Florida Entrepreneurship Program

·         Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academic Certificate Program

·         The Everyday Entrepreneur Venture SEED Fund

·         Operation Startup

·         Dr. Andrew Gold, Professor Beth Kerly, and HCC’s support staff

We are grateful for all the help and support along the way.  Each person has affected us personally (and continues to do so) and has helped Axon move closer to our ultimate goal of positively impacting people’s lives one worker at a time. 

Our team of engineers and technicians have over 80 years of combined experience in the motor and generator industry. Although Axon is a new company, our team members’ past performance includes space-bound and land-based electric motors and generators for a plethora of demanding projects. Our team members also have extensive experience performing rigorous qualification efforts for aerospace projects.

Contact us today and tell us about your electric-motor pain point. We can alleviate your pain by designing and fabricating a custom design for your application, or, like Dr. Frankenstein, we can bring new life to an older, dead design.