Capability Information

Axon’s electric motor capabilities can be split into two basic categories: new development and reverse engineering. The development of new designs and the reverse engineering of existing hardware both require extensive motor expertise, but each has unique guidelines and protocol with specific boundary conditions. Capability Statements for each respective category are linked below for easy reference. In addition, Axon’s CAGE code, NAICS codes and supported FSCs are specified.


Capability statements are documents typically used in government contracting that showcase skills a company and its employees possess, but they prove useful as an at-a-glance summary of our expertise for potential new partnerships.

cage code

  • 81ZW4

The Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) code is a 5-character ID number used by the federal government to identify legal entities. A company must apply for and be assigned a CAGE code.


  • 335312 (P)

  • 541330

  • 336390

As experts in the motor/ generator industry, Axon’s Primary NAICS Code is 335312. However, there are other NAICS Codes that require electric motors or generators as subsystems, such as 336390, that Axon can support. Axon can also provide engineering services, NAICS Code 541330, related to the design and evaluation of electric motors and generators.


  • 6105

  • 6110

  • 6125

  • 4140

The Primary Federal Supply Classes supported are 6105, 6110, and 6125, though Axon’s team also have experience supporting 4140. In most cases, a sample is required to ensure all performance and envelope characteristics are replicated with a new replacement design. The ability to Reverse Engineer (RE) components for programs battling obsolescence of key components allows continued support for ongoing projects.