Ac induction motors

solutions without rare earth metals

400 hertz electric motor design.

Thanks to the increased power density of 400 Hz ac induction motor design, these types of motors have found a home in some of today's top electric vehicles and aircraft applications. AC induction motors also have a more usable power-speed curve, unlike the more power-dense brushless permanent-magnet devices. Though permanent-magnet devices produce more power-per-kilogram, they do so with the incorporation of Rare Earth Elements such as dysprosium or highly-volatile metals such as cobalt. Induction motors do not rely on these types of metals (less the cobalt that may be found in the steels used), reducing there exposure to fluctuations in pricing for these elements.

Support for LEgacy Product Lines

With a plethora of ongoing systems and projects that utilize AC induction motors to accomplish a number of objectives, there are times when reverse engineering the current motor to continue production is the sensible solution. Even if no piece part and assembly drawings are available, Axon can recreate the unit as long as a sample unit is available for analysis. This approach can also prove more cost effective with a shorter lead time compared to new development.