DC Brush motors

Reliable actuation

reduced emp-susceptibility


Although modern brushless motors provide reduced size and increased reliability, ensuring operation after a high-energy pulsed or directed attack can add extensive costs to the controller portion. Though capacitors are utilized for arc suppression to meet MIL-STD-461 requirements, a brush DC motor does not require any control electronics to operate, it merely requires an applied DC voltage. This simplicity in a landscape of unknowns can prove enticing, and implementing a brush DC motor for critical ground-based actuation or propulsion systems can avoid the extra cost associated with a brushless device while ensuring operation after exposure to a high-energy attack.

Support for legacy product lines

In addition to the possibility of implementation on new ground-based systems, many actuators for heritage defense applications already utilize a brush DC motor design and require continued support. Axon can either design a new product or Axon can help maintain support for a variety of brush DC motors already in the field: permanent magnet, series wound, shunt wound, and separately excited.

With the plethora of brush DC motors in the field that are facing obsolescence, let Axon's team provide continued support for these necessary applications. Whether it be an overhaul or a complete reverse engineering project, Axon's team can provide the support your project requires.