Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators

Power density and thermal management

High power density stator design.
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As the energy density of permanent magnets continues to increase for both NdFeB and SmCo, new realms of power density become available for permanent-magnet devices. Although environmental considerations such as operating temperature and the presence of corrosive agents will ultimately determine whether SmCo or NeFdB magnets are appropriate for the application, the addition of Dysprosium and high-quality protective coatings are allowing NdFeB magnets to be used in higher operating temperatures and more adverse operating environments than ever before. Axon's team will work closely with you to determine the best option for your specific application.

Axon's team members have previously designed and fabricated a wide range of permanent magnet motors and generators for both space-bound and ground-based applications, and they bring this past experience to Axon. There are many configurations that an electric motor can take, but regardless of form, much attention must be paid to thermal management. Though properly designed permanent-magnet motors and generators can readily achieve 95%-96% efficiency, managing 10 kW of thermal energy demands experience. Both air cooling and liquid cooling solutions can be incorporated into a product depending on a litany of factors including air flow, unit location, and availability of space.

Finally, care and attention must be given to the selection of the motor controller and the final pairing of the motor with the controller. For brand new motor-controller designs, a motor company should work closely with the power electronics manufacturer to tailor the motor/generator design to match the electronics and vice versa. The co-development should be followed up by extensive paired testing and fine tuning for optimal performance when installed in your system.

Unique designs for specific applications

As electric motors continue to push the boundaries of power density and batteries increase in energy density, the number of applications for electric propulsion systems for high performance vehicles and UAVs continue to increase. Whether as prime movers for electric cars or UAVs, the Axon team has experience developing custom solutions with focus on power density, thermal management, and qualification testing.

Axon is also spearheading research into the use of a proprietary third-party metallurgical process that has been shown to improve wear & corrosion resistance and improved thermal characteristics. Early testing with AC induction motors has shown an increase in overall efficiency as well. Stay tuned for more!

Axon's team will work closely with your team to develop a solution that meets your performance criteria and integrates seamlessly with your next higher-level assembly. Such attention to integration can often save weight and/or reduce overall envelope dimensions. With over 80 years of combined experience between our team members, Axon can alleviate your electric motor pain point and help your team achieve the program objectives.