High power electric motors for racing.
Engineered racing electric motor design.

Electric Vehicle Racing Motor Development

Axon Motor Company is a perfect match for your racing program. Imagine, the same expertise that has designed motors and generators for defense projects now applied to your racing program. Axon’s expertise can be channeled into the design and production of a brand new, permanent-magnet device, or the modification and upgrade of existing brush DC motors.

new electric motor designs

New designs must focus on power density and thermal management. Even the most efficient motors must effectively address thermal management or the continuous output is quickly degraded. Axon will work closely with your engineers to determine the optimal liquid-cooling design based on the provided pressure and flow.

In addition, the unit must also be coupled to a competent motor controller in order to tap into the full potential. Axon has partnered with multiple aerospace-grade power electronics companies that can co-develop the controller, or Axon can work with a manufacturer of your choice. In either case, the two devices (the electric motor and controller) must be “married” and tested together to allow for fine-tuning.

Axon is also testing a proprietary third-party metallurgical process that has been shown to improve thermal characteristics, reduce inherent vibrations, and improve resistance to corrosion. Early testing on AC motors also shows in increase in overall efficiency. Axon is excited to be working with this technology!

brush dc: modification and upgrade

If your program does not want to take on the expense of full development and is looking for a more straight-forward approach with a brush DC motor, let Axon leverage its aerospace experience to modify and upgrade an existing design. Though this approach is more economical than full development, care must be taken at every step.

From the initial selection of the off-the-shelf brush DC motor, to the proper selection of carbon brush grades, each choice will impact the performance and life when put to the test at the track. Close inspection of “high performance” electric motors currently available on the market reveals that many are off-the-shelf motors simply cut down and fitted with billet CNC-machined endbells, relocated electrical connection studs and custom shafts. This reduces weight and allows for easy fabrication, but the core magnetic properties and materials are unchanged from the OEM. They will work, and they will work well, but when tenths of a second are on the line, is your team looking for “will work well” or the win?

Contact Axon today to see how Axon can leverage its aerospace experience and expertise to propel your team to the finish line and leave your competition in the pits.