Electric circuit diagram.
Stator slot profile.

Electric Motor Design Services

Axon specializes in the design and fabrication of electric motors and generators where power-density and efficiency are prioritized. The design and fabrication of a power-dense, efficient electric motor or generator must draw from both the theoretical and the practical. A design must not only be based on results from analytical models, but it must be tempered with experience, lest a mathematically beautiful yet unworkable (or un-manufacturable) product be ultimately developed . The more varied the experience gained from past motor projects (and the more demanding the past projects were), the more effective the tempering will be on the design to create a dependable and manufacturable device.

Axon’s key team members have over 80 years of combined previous experience developing and fabricating electric motors and generators for space, aerospace and ground applications. Axon’s team members also have extensive experience qualifying new designs to meet rigorous industry testing standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, and RTCA/DO-160, ensuring your product will operate as required in today’s demanding environments. The Axon team can develop and qualify a solution to meet your most demanding requirements.

Basic electric motor categories supported by Axon include brushless permanent magnet, AC induction and brush DC. Applications can range from a few hundred watts to over 200 kW, with shaft speed ranging from a few thousand rpm to over 35,000 rpm. Axon’s capabilities range from build-to-print to co-developing custom solutions with your team.

Axon is also testing a proprietary third-party metallurgical process that has been shown to improve thermal characteristics, reduce inherent vibrations, and improve resistance to corrosion. Early testing on AC motors also shows in increase in overall efficiency. Axon is excited to be working with this technology!